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3. Responsibility   


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3.1 Change Application Department     

a. Apply to the department in charge of change;   

b. Be in charge of supplying supportive materials for application of change;       

c. After the change is approved, carry out the training before change and implement the change;   

d. Follow-up after the change is implemented; 

e. Collect related data and submit them to the Quality Inspection Dept. for placing on file;    


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3.2 Competent Department for the System of Change

a. Organize staff of related departments in carrying out the change appraisal;

b. Complete the appraisal report; 

c. Be in charge of reviewing the items of change; 

d. After the change is approved, the Supervision Implementation Department shall implement the change;     

e. Organize re-appraisal after the change is implemented.    


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3.3 Quality Assurance Department

a. Participate in the appraisal of change; 

b. Review the items of change;

c. Supervise the implementation process of change and trace and confirm part of the change; 

d. Place on file of the changed related materials; 

e. Approve the change. 

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